(photograph by Aisling Aine Maye) 

(photograph by Aisling Aine Maye) 

Hi I'm Eva, I am a photographer and I love to travel. I’ve been to 46 countries at this exact point in my life

Focus of my work is creating awareness for environmental challenges, the protection of the human rights across the world and encouraging adventurous travel. I'm am inspired by human interaction, remote cultures and authentic storytelling. 

When I am not taking photos I am studying to finish my graduate degree in international law and human rights, making coffee for organic and sustainable coffee roasters in Leuven, growing vegetables, cooking food for friends and family, running or eating peanut butter. 

I have worked together with a variety of organizations from worldwide nonprofits, adventurous travel platforms, sustainable clothing brands and outdoor clothing brands to organic farms.


Send me an e-mail (hello@evaverbeeck.com) or contact me through this form.